Friday, November 5, 2010

Coupons & Demarle Pans match up

Hey all-
I just went down the baking aisle at Safeway and found this AMAZING coupon book:

There are a handful of Safeway brand coupons, but most are for national brands. AND..... MOST of them are things I actually buy!!!!! LOVE IT!!!

Here are some of the featured products linked to what Demarle pans might coincide. Click on the pan name to see it.
Crescent rolls - Silpat
Italian Bread - Silform Bread Tray
Bisquick - Baked pancakes in the Teddy Bear Tray
Brownie mix- Mini Muffin Tray
Dryers Ice cream- Ice Cream Cake in Large Round or Rectangular Tart
Puff Pastry Sheets- Silpat
Cake mix- Bundt Mold or Deep Flexipat (Jelly roll style)
Salsa- Crustless Quiche in Sunflower Mold or Square Savarin Tray
Breaded chicken strips- Silpat
Chocolate chips & condensed milk- Fudge in Petit-Four Tray or Mini- Charlotte Tray

Items you WON'T use in your Demarle Pan-
Non-stick cooking spray- remember: Demarle pans are naturally Nonstick!!!
Microwave Popcorn- Much cheaper and healthier to make Microwave Kettle Corn in the Large Round Mold with the Octagonal Silpat.

So.... get out there, stock up your pantry and pull out your Demarle pans!!!