Monday, August 30, 2010

Microwave Coffeecake

I kept my promise... I dug out my recipe for Microwave Coffeecake.
And.... I have a special treat.... I found a picture of me giving a demonstration at the County Fair! Cake in the microwave and all! It is a beauty!!

So, I went to the back of my cookbook shelf and dusted off this:
"Basic Microwaving"

You know, it is really a pretty good book. It covers topics such as: How Microwaves Cause Heat by Friction; How Microwaves Affect Water, Fat, & Sugar Molecules. It gives tips for converting conventional recipes to microwave recipes. Consider me.. enlightened. 

So- I thumbed through until I found the coffeecake recipe. I quickly whipped up the batter. I put some of the streusel topping on the bottom of the Bundt Mold (because that becomes the top of the cake.) I poured in about half the batter and added more topping. Followed by the last of the batter and topping. 

I was fascinated while I watched it cook (6 minutes on 50% power, 3 minutes on high power.) When I poured the batter in the pan, it looked so small. But, let me tell you, cakes really rise HIGH in the microwave. (Something else the book told me. It's true!) It just kept rising and rising! Amazing!

And, it smelled just as I remembered it! Yummmm. Funny how a smell can bring back memories.

Well, It turns out, I put a little too much topping on the top. A few places did not soak in and flaked right off.  But overall, it did make it nice and brown. (As you know, cakes do not brown in the microwave.) 

My kids were waiting eagerly to taste it before brushing their teeth for bed!
It tasted good, but was a little too dry for me.
With that said, I plan to perfect the recipe before posting it. (Of course, you could always hunt down your own copy of "Basic Microwaving" and make it yourself! I have not tried 'Googling' it yet!)

So, before I sign off..... here is a lovely image...

I am not sure what year this is.. maybe 1986??? 

Um, I just don't have anything else to say.

"Waiting for Payday" Dinner

Often on Sunday nights (when we are not hosting Sunday Suppers) we have Leftover Buffet! I dig out everything I can find in the fridge and we either eat it or toss it!

Well, it is the end of the month and the leftovers are minimal. The cupboards are somewhat bare. Time for creativity in the kitchen.

So I introduce the "Waiting for Payday" Dinner.

This month's menu: 
Possibilities Pot Pie - Oh the possibilities. I dug through the freezer, fridge and cupboards and found frozen pre-cooked chicken, frozen corn, fresh carrots, condensed chicken soup, and Bisquick.
So, you guessed it, I threw together chicken, veggies & soup. Tossed it into the nearest Demarle mold.
I mixed together 1 cup Bisquick with about 1/2 cup milk, seasonings and some left over shredded cheese. Poured it on top of the chicken mixture and baked for about 30 minutes.

Simple Salad- Armed with iceberg lettuce (boring) and no other veggies, I threw some dried cranberries, sunflower seeds, and the leftover Feta cheese on top. Voila! The family loved it! (A few complaints about the sunflower seeds, but overall, a positive response!)

Champagne Salad in the Waffle Tray - Since I portion so many things out into Demarle trays and freeze the portions, I was not surprised to find three lonely fruit salads left in the freezer. Daddy and I let the kids have them! They were so grateful we did not make them share with us!

So- there you go, our simple supper on a budget!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Parmesan Cheese Bowls

One favorite recipe for entertaining is: Parmesan Cheese Bowls.

It is great to put salad or pasta in. (or just eat alone!)

Here is what you do:

1. Get out your Silpat and Perforated Baking Sheet - Large size pictured here.
(Cute assistants are optional... but much more fun!)

2. Make piles of Shredded Parmesan Cheese (1/4 or less is usually good.)  Pat into circles.

  3. Place in 425 degree oven for 5 minutes or less... until it bubbles and is slightly golden brown. Be careful not to over cook it. if it is too dark and hard, it will taste great- but not mold into bowls. Note: you can cook it at a lower temp too- it will just take a tad longer.

4. Remove from oven and cool just slightly. Carefully remove from silpat and place on the back side  of a muffin tray.

5. Let cool.
Then turn over and fill with salad or pasta.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Fruit & Brownie Kabobs

Here is a peek at the Fruit & Brownie Kabobs I made tonight.

Brownies in the Petit-Four Tray are the perfect size.

Layer on kabob sticks with bite-sized bananas, strawberries and pineapple.

I drizzled them with White Chocolate Ganache (made with heavy whipping cream and white chocolate chips.)

So easy- yet so fun!

We have a few leftovers. Who is coming to eat one with me???

Monday, August 23, 2010

Microwave Mondays!

Microwaves hit the scene when I was a teenager. I remember getting our huge radiation-emitting machine positioned on our goldenrod kitchen counter. (I also remember our first color television... but let's not go there!)

One formative experience in my childhood was being involved with 4-H. Though I always wanted to show a pig,* I was a regular ribbon winner in Sewing, Foods, Home Economics, etc. I annually competed in the Creative Cooks Day. Participants developed a menu and set a place setting. I rocked!

Yet, I will never forget the year of the Microwave!

Every year, 4-Hers could present a demonstration at the County Fair. I loved being in front of people, so I was eager to participate. My demonstration that year..... Microwave Coffee Cake. I still remember the bundt pan I used. It was nothing compared to Demarle, but back then it was all I could find.

My picture was even in the paper. (If I dig it up- I will scan it in for your enjoyment!)

So- this week, I plan to resurrect that Microwave Coffee Cake recipe and make it in my Demarle Bundt Pan. Stay tuned for the recipe and pics, of course!

Did you know that your Demarle pans work great in the microwave?

Every Monday, here at Carols' Cooking with Demarle, will be dedicated to Microwave cooking. I have recruited the help of a college student. Since the microwave is her only cooking appliance, she plans to put Demarle in the Microwave to the test!

As always, send me your questions and ideas!
Carol :)

*PS- Though I never did get a pig, I did win a cool prize in the pig-chasing contest.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Girls' Night Cooking

I had a great time last night cooking with my girls. 

We made:
 *Spinach Artichoke Chicken
  Rice-Macaroni in Parmesan Bowls
*Seasoned Corn & Carrots
*Champagne Salad in Waffle Mold.

We had a great time!

Stay tuned: I will post the play-play makings soon.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Welcome to Carol's Cooking with Demarle!
I am really excited to share recipes, pictures and tips for cooking right at home!

I am a regular mom who is seeking to learn more about gathering my family and friends around the table. I love to be creative and pretend I am gourmet! Using Demarle at Home products has been so fun! Everything looks so pretty but is super easy to make and clean-up! You can find out more about Demarle at my website:

I am always experimenting with whatever food I have in the house! I currently am experimenting with gluten-free recipes to share with my friends and family members who need that.

I look forward to sharing all I am learning (including my mistakes!)

Carol :)