Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Everyday Easy Eggs

I have really been noticing when I miss protein at breakfast. 
Eggs are always an easy protein of choice for me. 
I often make eggs in the microwave for an Everyday Easy bite!

One option is to crack the egg right on the Octagonal Silpat
 (which always lives in my microwave to catch spills or be used as a cover.) 

In around 30 seconds..... the egg is done!


When making it for my family, I often crack the eggs right into the 6 shape Tartlet Tray.

 Within minutes.... eggs for the family!

This week, my husband and I both tried using the the NEW Mini Round Mold
Again, crack 1-2 eggs in the mold. You can whisk them or not (your preference.) 

 I cooked this one for just over 30 seconds. Yum!!
2 eggs scrambled in Mini Round

We also use the Small Round Mold when making eggs for the family. 
So many options!

Happy egg eating! 

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